KGV home appliance for Humidifier, Aroma Diffuser, Air Purifier, Electric Kettle, High Speed Blender

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Weiman realized the importance of company culture which stands for the history and the business goal. With the company culture, the group can achieve the target with the clear directions.

Profession: as a home appliance manufacturer, we offer the professional produce Humidifier, Aroma Diffuser, Air purifier, High Speed ​​Blender, Electric kettle, This is the key target to make sure the quality of the products and service.

Team Spirit: we respect of personal value in terms of staff’s talent, characteristic and personality. In correspondence, team members can form a harmony communication through the team spirit. For the business gift, we encourage the imagination and innovation from team members. For the business consultation, we encourage the experience, social network and technical support from the team members.

Service and Innovation: Our core mission is to serve our clients in each detail of demands. We provide the quick response to your requires in terms of proposal draft, quotation, proposal modification, final proposal and delivery. , we embrace innovations that contribute to client’s betterment in business. We offer the proposal with innovation and passion to bring fresh perspectives.